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Replacement Parts can be found Click Here 

#1 question is “what is the passcode?” ANSWER: The passcode is 5.

Replacement Parts can be found Click Here 

Over the last 25 years we’ve produced thousands of incubators.  Most will operate for a very long time. 10 or more years is very common.  As these incubators get older, parts will fail. Fans and rotary encoders (the switch behind the knob) are moving parts. These will eventually fail. Dust and moisture are bad for electronics. Dust and moisture together is especially bad. These are the ingredients for corrosion.  Once you clean your incubator after your season, run it with the door open for a couple of hours before storing it away.  Closing it up when still damp or wet inside  can cause the circuit board to corrode away while in storage.  What else do you have that can be factory serviced after 20+ years?

The good news is we service what we sell.

Watch this video for our newer Chick Chalet 3’s and Precision Puppy Incubators to see how to save money on shipping and to prepare the incubator for shipping. For older models, like the Chick Chalet II, RCAB200 and Cooler Brooders the video will still be helpful for tips on saving money in shipping your product back to us for service.
If the incubator is not under warranty, there’s an $85 minimum service fee then plus parts and labor. But most repairs are under $100 (including the minimum service charge) so the parts are reasonable. It’s the shipping that’s expensive.   You pay the return shipping whether in or out of warranty.
Box up the electronics – protect the thin edge and the knob from shipping damage. The smallest size box will keep the shipping costs at a minimum. 
To save even more, print the label yourself at,  The pack and ship stores charge a lot to package and ship for you. Avoid that cost if you can.
Be sure to put your contact info  (including email) in the box and a brief description on what you want us to do. Allow 3-4 days for the repair.
I will send you an invoice that you can pay online.
Send to:
Avey Incubator
416 4th Ave
Hugo CO 80821
Check with us before you send it in.  (719) 249-1088. We may be able to solve the problem or help you save on the shipping if we can talk it through.
And your incubator is certainly worth repairing. Prices have gone up and you can save hundreds sometimes by choosing to repair.
Be sure to let us know  that you’ve sent your incubator into us.