incubators are our passion

Major Zoos and serious breeders of high value and exotic animals have chosen us for their incubator needs. Since 1997. We offer easy to use digital controls, larger sizes, and all the options. So grab a cup, relax, and take a look around. Made in USA.



Since 1998 we’ve obsessed about incubators. It’s our specialty. Choosing your next incubator is a big decision

For Rescue Organizations

For more than twenty years our incubators have played a supporting role in many rescue organizations across the country and into Canada as well. Everything from hawks, bald and golden eagles, condors, to skunks, squirrels, feral cats, hummingbirds, and more have been saved through the efforts of people like you.

In order to recognize the selfless efforts made by those working to save animal lives we’d like to point out some ways we can help. We won’t collect the sales tax. And we’re already helping with the shipping cost. These are big incubators in big boxes and it costs over $100 to ship them, in most cases, way over, but we’ll partner up with you. You pay $20 per order for shipping and we pay the rest.