Chick Chalet 3 Parrot Brooder


Chick Chalet 3 Parrot Brooder 5 sizes Hi/low temperature alarms, passcode protected temperature change. Polycarbonate door. Premium hinge and latch hardware. Digital humidity control available as an extra cost option. Interior LED Light Strip. Rear panel power-on switch. Easy to clean and easy to operate. Scroll to the bottom for a video.

Digital Humidity Control – adds a menu to set humidity, interfaces incubator to a cool mist humidifier that is used as the water source. Helps with breathing and dry skin.
Nebulizer Attachment – A way to mount the nebulizer to the side of the cabinet. A Nebulizer aerosolizes medicine (like Albuterol} into small droplets to be inhaled. Used for treating pneumonia. Needs an air supply, an oxygen concentrator will work or a dedicated nebulizer air pump (not included).
Oxygen Port – A connection on the back of the incubator to connect tubing to an oxygen source.
Re-certified oxygen concentrators look the same, perform the same as new. Used/re-certified are typically one or two years old and serviced before sale.

Fantastic Brooders for raising baby parrots and baby macaws. Time tested design (since 1998), All the features you need. Rugged and reliable. Built to last for many years. One year part and labor warranty.

The Chick Chalet 3 nursery brooder from Avey Incubator. Quality rugged cabinet and clear polycarbonate door. True digital controls. So easy to use, easy to clean. Precise. optional digital humidity control, High/low alarms, Direct entry of temperature and humidity (optional) setpoints. Passcode protection. Celsius and Fahrenheit readout on the alpha-numeric display. Easy to maintain, with built in extra features to head off mistakes before they happen. Micro adjustable temperature control. Set the temperature you want (usually around 95 degrees F to start) in increments of 1/10 of a degree C. Hi/Low temp alarms, passcode protected setup so settings can’t be accidentally changed.

LED interior light strip with front panel control switch, rear panel power on/off switch, polycarbonate door with premium hinge and latch hardware.

A passcode must be entered to change settings so accidental changes to the temperature are avoided.  Made in Colorado, USA since 1998. One year parts and labor warranty and we service our incubators after the sale. These incubators are built to last.

Two side mounted fresh air vents are standard. Digital on screen readout of humidity and Digital Humidity Control are available as extra cost options.

There’s a short video featuring our Precision Puppy Incubators. The Chick Chalet shares most nearly all of the same features.  Just some slight firmware and badging differences. See the basic operation and optional features demonstrated.

Weight 40 lbs


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